TROLLS Happy Meal

McDonald's partnered with DreamWorks to bring the Trolls party to Happy Meals across the country. I had the pleasure of art directing the Happy Meal box and promotional campaign.

One of the most challenging aspects of designing a Happy Meal is balancing all the required content that legally needs to be communicated. In each of these concepts, we were required to feature a fun activity for the kids to enjoy while they eat, a Ronald McDonald House Charities message, a nutritional message, a McPlay App message, the iconic Happy Meal smile, and the "Happy" character. Organizing all this content, plus the colorful, wacky Trolls assets in a clean way took some work, to say the least.

Creative Directon: Kristy Rybarski / Tom Kelly   •   Copy: Sarah Uchison



For concept 1, I focused on the most iconic part of the Trolls: their hair. This box was designed with a perforated headband that wraps around all panels of the box. When the kids place it on their head, they get to rock their own wacky Troll hair all around town!


The Trolls love a good party, so this box features everything you need to have a party right at the table. The boom box panel had a perforated slot that could hold a cell phone. When music was played from the phone, the sound bounced off the edges of the box and was amplified as it came out the top, acting like a boom box.


The final box and poster was a mixture of both concepts but with a groovy new colorful background, which DreamWorks has been implementing across the merchandising for the movie.